We insist on artisanal production. We use noble materials. We go where the best craftsmen are: India, Nepal, Italy, Portugal and France. Over the years we have developed close relationships with them, strong bonds and a deep trust. Together we take on new challenges and launch into more and more complex creations.

Hand tufted rugs

It all starts with a coton canvas stretched over a frame, like a blank sheet of paper. The designer of the workshop draws the pattern with a black marker, then assigns a color number to each zone. Using a tool called a tufting gun, the craftsman starts filling the canvas, until it is completely covered. The rug is then spread onto the floor for the cutting and separating of the fibers. The last step is to hold the tufts in place with a backing. After the finishing touches and final inspection, the rug is ready.

Hand knotted rugs

Our hand knotted rugs are all made in Nepal, in the Kathmandu region. It is an artisanal process, 100% handmade, requiring fourteen steps, each crucial to the finished product. Our craftsmen perpetuate unique skills passed on through generations. Hand knotting is a long and precise work, demanding patience and dexterity.

We use hand-spun Himalayan wool, an exceptional material that takes in light and gives unique depth to colors. Its warm and thick texture delights the senses.