Jean-Paul Espinosa

Designer Jean-Paul Espinosa

When the vibration of colors brings joy

An artist from Lyon, designer Jean-Paul Espinosa creates objects somewhere between art and design. Art opens spiritual windows in our spaces, as he likes to say. Thanks to a global approach, his projects contribute to integrate art in architecture and design. The artistic creation gives the initial push, then the artist strives to keep the spark lighting and alive until the object finally takes form.

Jean-Paul Espinosa loves colors with a fiery passion and works with them liberally, with spontaneity and ample gestures. «Colors flow through me and I channel them.»

Designer Jean-Paul Espinosa painting

Jean-Paul Espinosa created two collections with Diacasan Edition.

For the artist, colors echo deep within us, they call on us or match with us. They generate real emotional atmospheres. The colors of the PAINTINGS collection make our souls and our spaces vibrate.

The originality of the FORÊT DE CRISTAL collection lies in its creative process based on a narrative. It tells the story of Sylvain and Plume and their travels through an imaginary world: the Crystal Forest. The rugs and cushions of the collection are a material translation of the Crystal Forest’s atmosphere.

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