Hydre - Cameo - Oblong


Christian Signorel plays with curves and meanders to feature a very graphic bestiary… Poulpo (Octopus) from Pompeii, Scarab (Beetle) from Egypt, Hydre (Hydra) from the founding myths.

Oblong footstool.
Pattern: Hydre & Olympie.
Colors: Cameo & Ivory.

Made in Italy

Craftsmanship :
Handcrafted Manufacturing
Materials :
Fir plywood structure. Cotton and elastane foam envelope 30kg. Base in particle board and varnished oak plywood, felt canvas. Velvet cover 100% polyester, digital printing, inks certified OEKO TEX
Shapes and sizes available :
Oblong :
Lead time :
2 to 5 working days if stock available.
8 weeks on order.
Dominant colors :